Saturday, 1 November 2008

From Sussex Life magazine November edition: 'Sweet and sour'

Situated in a quiet street within Eastbourne's Old Town is a successful vinegar and oil business. Run by Mary and John Stratton for four years, this exotic enterprise has a much longer heritage. The story began 25 years ago, says Mary. "It was my mother's fault. She had a glut of redcurrants and I went down to the family home in Dorset to pick them. She suggested I make redcurrant jelly, but I wanted to do something different so I got the recipe books out and started trawling through and found one for redcurrant vinegar.
"Friends and family loved it, so we started expereimenting with differewnt fruits and never looked back. After the first year of John helping out at farmers' markets at weekends, plus a full time job, we decided to try running the business with both of us full-time - very scary, especially when both our daughters decided to get married at that time!"

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