How to order

Ordering is as simple as picking up the phone or sending us an email! We do like to have human contact with you, rather than via an automated shopping basket, enabling us to talk through your order. As products wander in and out of season, as fruits burgeon or wither, as our foraging waxes or wanes – so we can tell you at first-hand what is in stock and what not.

Our contact page gives you our phone and email detail.

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Who we are

About Stratta

Mary and I have produced our range of delights from our home since 2004. What had been a 25 year interest in the creation of delicious produce for family and friends using fruits, flowers and herbs became all-absorbing. Together, we represent a formidable force with creativity and exuberance, boundless enthusiasm, a real love of good food, a spirit of adventure and perhaps more than a hint of eccentricity. What a recipe!!

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Featured product

Sent by mail or courier!

All of our wondrous products (including the 2015 Great Taste Awards starring vinegars - the distinctive quince, the powerful elderberry vinegar as used in a recent dish for the Queen, the characterful russet apple and the 'song of the summer' elderflower vinegar) can be sent to you direct either by mail or by courier. Simply email or phone us to discuss your order and arrange delivery.

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Recipes & ideas

The blog is well and truly awake now!

after a year or two of being hidden in a bramble thicket, we rediscovered our blog and have celebrated by launching regular recipe ideas. Winter ideas gave way to spring and summer with Autumnal treats appearing soon after - such delights await you! Just click on our blog link in the list on the left.

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